Monday, December 26, 2011

Gowes With Junior High School's Friends

Hey guys, sorry if I wrote a suck topic, because this is the first time I'm using blogger in english. Yah, I just want to try it and of course to practice how to using english in the right term. Ah, just go straight to the topic.

Okay, this morning me and my junior high school's friends or my best friend ;) cycled around the campus, hahaha, for your information, I'm not univesity student or in Indonesia they call it 'mahasiswa', I'm still senior high school student, but my father is a teacher that has been teaching there for more than ten years, and he must live at the house that ready to use at that campus. Oh yeah, the name of the campus is "Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November" or for easier way, call it ITS.

Okay, and after that, we take some picture together around the campus, hmm I will upload the picture later, cause my friend, Viola, was the one who brought the camera :D after that, we cycled outside the campus, we to area that we call "Mulyosari". And then, we went to McDonald. At there, we ate bubur ayam and cold milo.

After that, we went to the Pakuwon City, the name of regency near there. We took some photographs there, but the security said that we didn't allow to take a photograph there. So, we went back to the campus and took some photographs there,

Finally, we went back to our house and said goodbye to each others.

Well, that's my story for today (maybe). I'm sorry if there's something error with my grammar.
And, feel free to read and comment this post :)

Putu Audrina Utama

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