Thursday, September 13, 2012

About XI IPA 2

The first time when I came in this class? It was suck for God's sake. There was just two of my friends from my previous class, X-7. They were Mita and First (sounds weird, but my friends name is First, I'm serious). Urghh, there weren't any other friends here and I felt like a shit here. Okay, I'm stop swearing.

Yeah, even there were Christin, Nadia, Ajeng, and Nurul C. from my choir's mate. Its was suck, I'm serious guys! Its was bad and sad. I was wondering if I could change my class, but that was crazy, right?

So, I let it like a flowing water in the river, and here I was, being happy because I had realize that this class wasn't bad at all, but there were experience that got here, eventhough we already be friend for about 2 months, it was quick than I thought, hahaha.

There are 34 students in this class, included me, as the 1st secretary in this class, following by Nadia as the 2nd secretary. There is Bintar, as the class leader, he is so funny, but lame too hahaha, peace. There is Putu Krysna, oh God, his name is same with me, yeah just the 'Putu' word hahaha, as the vice class leader. Oh, I tell you, this guy is so so so funny. He talk a lot, like a girl huahahaha, okay I'm stop from gossiping about my friends. There is Novella as the 1st exchequer, and followed by Hakim as the 2nd exchequer.

That's all I think, for this time hehe. Its already night, and I want to sleep, bye bye guys :)

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