Monday, December 3, 2012


wohoo, hello guys ;;) is this december 3rd? oh yeah, today is my birthday, the sixteenth xixi :D there gonna a lot of thing that I wanna say for this special day.

first, I'm gonna say my thank you to God, because of him, I can live until today, yeah the live for about 16 years hehe :D thank you for create me, give a good family, a good life, and fortunes, and also for the healthiness and the safety xixi :D thanks God, I'm nothing without you.

second, thanks for my mom, that gave birth to me, thanks for loving me with the way you are, oh and I'm so sorry mom, if I couldn't be a good daughter for you, but I will try to be the best for you, and the rest of the family. I LOVE YOU MOTHER.

third, thanks for my father, that raise me well along with mom, give a better live until now, I LOVE YOU FATHER.

fourth, thanks for my sister and my brother that support me in everything, yeah sorry if I made you all mad in the past, bur I'll try to be a good sister for all of you :)

fifth, thanks for my big family, thanks for your support :)

sixth, thanks for my friends all over the world, thanks for giving colours in my live for years, without all of you, I wouldn't have a great live today.

seventh and the last one, my babo oppa :) thanks for loving me and support me in everything :) gomawo oppa ;;)

that's all i think xixi, happy birthday audrey :)

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