Saturday, February 25, 2012

School's Report

Dear the readers,

Hey, this morning my father and I went to school to take my score's report. Ah, I felt so excited and nervous too. I thought that my score is so so so bad.

But, thanks God, my scores wasn't bad after all, yeah, but the worst is mathematics. You know? I got 41 for mathematics. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Like a nightmare for me.

But, it's okay. Next time, I must make all my scores higher than this time. Fighting audri :)

From the writer,


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Love is Suck

To God
and the readers.

Hey guys, today I want to tell you about my last relationship with someone. Actually, I'm wasn't the first one that fallin in love with him, but he was the one. Before we have a relationship, he said to me that he love me, he care with me, and everything that make me believe that he would be the one that make my life complete on that time. But rite now, everything is over between us. At first, I'm the one who gone far away from him, try to sinked to my own world, and said it to my self that I'm wasn't his anymore.

But, you know what guys? It's like a karma, I'm started to fallin in love with him. But, afterwards, I know some secret about him that make shocked and cried. Even he said that he loved me and cared about me, but the truth is, he said something negative about me to his friend, and it happens all the time. Can you imagine it? How hurt my hurt rite know.

By the way, thanks to friend that tell that secret to me, so I already known what kind of person he is. And rite now, I'm started to hate him, but I can't hate him to, this feeling to him is to precious. Urghhh, god please help me.

From your little angel,


After a long, long time ....

hey guys, how's life? kekekeke, sorry if I haven't update anything ._.v there's so many school's task for me to do at school and at home too, yeah, make me too tired to continue posting something here :D hmmm, don't ya miss me? :D kekeke