Sunday, June 22, 2014

Always Here

Okay, so regardless to EXO's Baekhyun and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon dating scandal, which already been confirmed by their management, I just wanna share what I thought and felt for this three days about the sudden revelation of their relationship.

If you haven't read the news, here's the link>>

This news sure was a mind-blowing for entertainment world in Asia, especially in South Korean, since no one could even predict this situation. Who dont get shock when the 'national's girl group' leader is really dating the 'charge of sweet voice' of EXO, which in fact, younger than her by three years. Of course this news made SONEs, Exostans, Tangeangers, and Shiners dissapointed, feel betrayed, anger, sad, dejected, hurt, and those sappy feeling.

So, before I tell you the whole thought, let me start with what I feel first. When this news came into the surface, I was just like, "is this real???", "im not in delusion, right?". Yeah, that was before SM confirm the news. Just right after the confimation, I just feel like...I have to say that I was sad, I was mad too, and I thought it was impossible. Why I thougth like that?
1. First, eventhough Baekhyun did said that Taeyeon is his ideal type, and he have been a loyal fan of Taeyeon, I dont even think that one day, which is back in February, that they will actually dating each other.
2. Second, for God's sake, they're in the same entainment, and Baekhyun is her hoobae in the industry. Then, what I know is SM never allowed (but they encourahe, so whats the different) their artists dating, and how come after the scandal's broken, they just confirmed a 'yes' just in a few hours. Isn't sounds ridiculous???
3. Third, whats happening inside of the entertainment? Like, whats in their mind? How come they released a statement that did make fans, even Taeyeon and Baekhyun, hurt. Its more tragic for Baekhyun, because of the dating news, almost 200.000 fans turned their back on him, which is consists of unstable fans. Of course they have some unstable fans, since the group's age is just only two years. How come SM do the confimation without even think that this 'fans turned their back on Baekhyun' will happen???(which already happening since the news broke on June 19's). But it doesn't mean that in Taeyeon's case is lighter, but she's getting bash by a lot of people, and she even protected her Instagram account because of that. SM, what have you done to them???

Later after I felt that way, I logged in to my twitter account, and my friends also sad because of the news. I even did search the hastag 'Taeyeon', 'Baekhyun', 'baekyeon'. And one think that made me awestruck, was when I read a tweet that 'after reading the news about baekyeon, baekhyun's fans from Indonesia commited suicide'. I dont even know if it was real or not, so I just like 'seriously???'. Oh, I still thank God for make me sane. Being a kpop fans for a long time, I think three years or something, I realized that maybe, I've already be a matured fans. And I dont do stupid things like commit suicide. I mean, there are lots of thing that make you stress, more than thinking about your idol's relationship. University entry exam, and then president election, and the curricullum (in my country), its already stressing, you know???

So, I'm gonna tell you this. Read this, take it to your mind, feel it in your heart, and you will know.
1. We are the fans. I know that all of you feel sad, mad, dissapointed. Me too. But, just let them be. They are human too, like us. You cant espect your idol to be single, like forever, am right?
2. You're hate for being lied too, right? I still remember when Baekhyun said, "for exo, I'll have a girlfriend when I'm 35," which he violated, since his dating news confirmed when he is still 22. But, what we could do? He's falling in love guys. We cant expect him to stay mute about his feeling. It goes the same to us when love comes into our life.
3. For people who dont ship them together, just please, dont bash Taeyeon, and dont bash Baekhyun otherwise. It will useless in the end, if their love grow stronger because of this. Dont call Taeyeon a slut, a whore, something like that. What if this things happen to you? You sure dont want to experience this, like what Taeyeon have experienced for this three days. For the eggs project, just please, dont throw egg at him. You know what? Its digusting, yuck! And you know what? There are a lot of people in this world starved, hungry for food, and then you just buy eggs for this cheapy project??? Its a no no!!! Show them that whatever happens, as a fans, you will love, respect, and support them until the end. World will be nice if people act wise.
4. Last, but not least. Just let them happy. If Taeyeon is Baekhyun's happiness, as same for Taeyeon, all of us, the fans, should be happy for them, not turn our back at them. They're a real couple for now though, we can do anything. All we have to do now is support them and let them happy for the relationship.

And here I'm, I want to say congratulation for Taeyeon-unnie and Baekhyun-oppa's relationship to go in public. I'm sorry if before I felt sad and mad at the same time. For Taeyeon-unnie, regarding to your apology on your Instagram comment, you dont have to appologize for having a relationship, is not your fault, its anyone's fault. If you're happy, and I'll be happy for you. SONEs always here :) And then for Baekhyun-oppa, I dont know your wheres-about, but I do hope that you wont sad because of the situation, and I hope you can make Taeyeon-unnie smile again. And if you love her, please, loves her for eternity. Unnie might be strong outside, but we never knew the insides, so please oppa, I putting my hopes on you. Last, for both of you, please be happy, smile a lot, love each other dearly, and sure, by time, fans will love both of you too.